Chair for Logic and Theory of Discrete Systems

  Prof. Martin Grohe Copyright: © Fachgruppe Informatik Prof. Martin Grohe

Our group's interests in both research and teaching are in various areas within the theory of computation, among them logic, complexity theory, algorithms, and automata theory, and especially the numerous connections between these areas. Computer Science 7 is part of the Computer Science Department within the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences. There is a close collaboration with the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science group.

The research interests of the chair comprise a wide range of topics in theoretical computer science and adjacent areas such as mathematical logic and discrete mathematics. On the more applied side, we are mainly interested in data science topics. A central topic in Professor Grohe’s research is the interplay between logic, structure, and algorithms. With his students and postdocs he is currently working on topics in algorithmic graph theory, descriptive complexity theory, database theory, and theoretical aspects of machine learning. Dr. Löding’s research focus is on automata theory and logic. With his students, he is pursuing research on finite automata on infinite objects and on infinite games, with applications in automated verification and program synthesis.