Can you send me the current status of my application via email?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. However, you can check your application status via RWTHonline.

What are the requirements?

Please have a look at the subject-specific exam regulations or in the requirements section.

Where can I find the "Prüfungsordnung" or examination regulations?

All the examination regulations are published on the Official Announcements page.

What are the language requirements?

Does RWTH charge tuition or application fees?

No, the University does not currently charge tuition or applications fees. However, you have to pay a social contribution fee every semester – this currently amounts to around 300 euros.

Before Application

Can you send me the current status of my application via email?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. However you can check this yourself on RWTHonline.

Where can I find detailed information on the application process?

  • General information for all applicants is provided on the Master's Application page.
  • Specific information for international applicants is available on the page for international students.
  • Many topics on the process are covered in these FAQs on Master's applications.
  • You can apply for your chosen course on RWTHonline

Do I need a GRE score?

We require a GRE test for Non-EU applicants with the following scores:

  • Quantitative Reasoning: minimum 75th percentile,
  • Verbal Reasoning: minimum 15th percentile,
  • Analytical Writing: minimum score 3.5

Where can I get information on the curriculum?

You can find all the courses for this semester and all courses generally offered in the Data Science program on RWTHonline.

I have a Bachelor's/ Master's degree in this very interesting field. Can I take the Data Science program?

If you have at least a Bachelor's degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, or a related field, then this is generally possible. If you do not have a suitable degree in these areas, then you are unfortunately not qualified for this program.

Is this a restricted-admission course of study with Numerus Clausus (NC)?

No, this is not currently a restricted-admission course of study

Is it advantageous for my application if I have worked in data science before?

No, this does not have any impact on your application for this course of study. Broadly speaking, your academic record is the only factor taken into account when students apply to universities in Germany.

Do I need a letter of recommendation/statement of purpose or does it help at all?

No, we do not require a letter of recommendation, statement of purpose or the like and submitting such documents does not have any impact on your application.

After Application

Can you send me the current status of my application via email?

No, unfortunately this is not possible, however you can check this yourself on RWTHonline.

When do you check the academic entry requirements?

The admission board starts reviewing whether these requirements have been met once the application deadline has passed. It might take a few weeks for all applications to be checked.

I forgot to upload a document onto RWTHonline. Can you upload it on my behalf?

You can upload documents yourself during the application period.

Once the application deadline has passed, please ask the International Office to upload your document if you are an international student. If you are a student from Germany, please contact the Registar's Office on this matter.

After Enrollment

Can I write my Master's Thesis on a topic in another discipline?

No, your Master's thesis should be related to one of the following specializations: computer science, mathematics, physics, computational life science, computational social science, or business analytics.